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Firefighters’ Retirement System has investments in direct real estate holdings which are owned by limited liability companies (LLC’s) as follows:

  1. FRS-LB, LLC, is the master LLC which is 100% owned by FRS.
  2. FRS-LB#1, LLC, owns 577.564 acres of land in Surprise, Arizona. FRS-LB#1, LLC, is owned 100% by FRS-LB, LLC.
  3. FRS-LB#3, LLC owns 160.03 acres is St. George, Utah. FRS-LB#3, is owned 100% by FRS-LB, LLC.
  4. FRS-GA, LLC owns 49.5% of 1,190.288 acres of land in Gainesville, Georgia. FRS-GA, LLC is owned 100% by FRS-LB, LLC.

Questions concerning these real estate LLC’s should be directed to the Manager of these LLC’s, Mr. Steven Stockstill ,who can be reached by phone at 225-925-4060 or by mail at 3100 Brentwood Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809.

Louisiana Firefighters Retirement System - (225) 925-4060

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